Humanizing leadership for lasting prosperity

We're on a mission to humanize leadership for lasting prosperity. For people, for organizations, for society, and for the planet.

Founder & Principal, Stephen Borengasser, speaks on the power of people-first leadership as the best way to lead the next generation of people, organizations, and communities.He provides leadership development programs to technologists who want to stand out as people-first leaders through our platform, Tech Leaders Unlocked.

Stephen Borengasser, Founder & Principal

Stephen is an engineer-turned-executive and TEDx speaker on people-first leadership with over 20 years of leadership and coaching experience. With a personal mission to humanize leadership, Stephen has successfully guided numerous professionals from being technologists to becoming leaders who excel in creating environments that balance compassion with results.He’s led teams in diverse business environments from global corporations to innovative digital agencies in 14 different countries.

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